KLB Products

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is used to produce parts with simple or drawn bends.  Typical unexposed applications include framework in construction, appliance and automotive markets.

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel has increased surface quality relative to hot rolled steel.  Typical applications include automotive components, furniture parts, appliance prepaint surface, agricultural products, and a myriad of other surface critical products.  Cold rolled steel has a surface capable of adhering to most paint lines.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steels

Corrosion resistance is the most beneficial property of hot dipped galvanized steel.  Zinc in the coating bonds with atmospheric elements before coming into contact with the base metal ultimately preserving its integrity.  Longevity depends on the zinc coating thickness and severity of its environment.  Hot dipped galvanized steel is used in commonly used in construction, HVAC, automotive markets.

Hot Dip Galvanneal Steels

Similar corrosion resistance as hot dipped galvanized steel.  Galvanneal steel is heat treated after hot dipped galvanizing processes which allows greater bonding between the coating and base metal.  Galvanneal steel is suitable for painting.

Aluminized Steel

Type 1 coating — Increased corrosion resistance compared to zinc coating as well as heat resistance.  Used primarily in muffler systems as well as industrial oven production.  Aluminized coated steel is proper for any application that requires heat or corrosion resistance not obtainable by a hot dipped, zinc coating.

Type 2 coating – Superior corrosion resistance compared to type 1 coating.  Used primarily in culvert applications or when finished product is exposed to extreme environmental circumstances.

Stainless Steel

KLB Steel offers 200, 300, and 400 series stainless steel coil and sheet.  With over 250 different grades of stainless steels available, please contact us KLB Steel to determine which grade of stainless is right for your application.


Aluminum is approximately 1/3 the density of steel making it an appealing choice for many product lines.  As with Stainless, there are hundreds of different aluminum combinations so please consult KLB Steel to figure out which material is right for your application.